Travelling around the world in 24 hours – Troll Way

Wanted to travel around the world? What if we show you a really cheap way of travelling around he world in 24 hours? Checkout the troll way of travelling around the world without spending much and saving a lot of energy. Go green and follow the troll method of travelling around the world in 24 hours.

Troll submitted by Super Power Corp.
Super Power Corp is a UK based Corporate Energy management company.

Google Images results : North Indian vs South Indian

How Google is screwing our Minds. Google Image results for keywords "north indian" and "south indian" Humor.

This is how the Media Fucks our minds.
They show what the public wants and NOT what the public deserves to know. This Funny picture was created and published by TrollFreak to create an awareness about researching facts before blindly believing them.

Be it Google or Times of India or the New York Times, do not trust their published facts blindly. Always do your own research and trust your judgement before sharing the information further.

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A pat on on the Head | Troll Freak

Some People need a Pat on the Head.

Some People need a Pat on the Head.


We often come across annoying people who keep boasting about their accomplishments. These people need a “pat on their head” but with the Thor’s Hammer. Lolz.

We hope you liked our little meme. Originally created by Troll Freak and shared on Pinterest.